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DECEIT is something we as human beings face more often than we should. To lie, mislead, bear false witness, these are things we as humans unfortunately do. There are some lies that are used to protect, but these are few. More often than not DECEIT is something used to hide an ulterior motive, to gain an upper hand or more commonly, to hide an indiscretion from a loved one. It isDECEIT that drives the story that we wish to tell you.

Primo Ent. and AlphaDawg Ent. would like to bring you a sexy unique thriller CO-Written, CO-Produced, Directed and Starring Step Up Revolution and Pretty Little Liars star Ryan Guzman. A story of a young married couple where one thinks everything is perfect and the other has other ideas. What would you do if you were betrayed by the one person who promised to love you forever? Will our jilted lover go through with the dark thoughts that enter his mind? Would you?
DECEIT’s Producing team of Ryan & CO-Writer Danny Villalobos, Co-Producers Talli Brinson & King Orr and Producer John Wusah have our toes dipped in Hollywood’s pool but we want to make a splash.  We have big dreams and we want to share those dreams with you. To entertain is what the five of us were born to do and we want you to be part of that journey. You could be a producer of a Hollywood film, a film that could help jumpstart a Cinematic Collaboration that will be the first of many.
Years from now when Primo and Alpha Dawg will be expected to bring top flight silver screen adventures, you can say you were part of the foundation.

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Courtesy of: Comso for Latinas 

The former Calvin Klein model and star of Step Up Revolution shows you how to switch up your man’s style without the drama.

“Start mentioning styles you see on men when you come across something you like. It may make the guy a bit jealous, but it’ll get his attention.”

“Go shopping for him and surprise him with new gifts; a guy won’t turn down something his lady got him. Once, a girl gave me a horrible Affliction style shirt with all these prints, which I wore only with her and not in public.”

“Have a date night set up where you go out and he has to dress classier.”

“Introduce new styles slowly, not all at once. A girl I dated got me into Johnny Depp Inspired style (all necklaces, bracelets, and rings).”

“You yourself dress nicely, and he may end up following subconsciously.”


Courtesy of: Bello Magazine
ARTICLE Hiko Mitsuzuka
PHOTOGRAPHY Aleksandar Tomovic

Reynolds. Gosling. Philippe… Moviegoers have fallen in love with many Ryan’s over the years, and come Juy 27th, they might be adding another one to their list of favorites: Ryan Guman. The 25-year-old actor is making his big-screen debut this summer in the fourth entry to the most popular dance film franchise ever, Step Up Revolution. And once you get a peek at this San Francisco’s native’s portfolio, you probably won’t be surprised to see that he also hails from the world of modeling — yes, he’s got the abs to prove it. Naturally we had to ask him about the grueling choreography he had to learn within weeks (hint: just as challenging as his mixed martial-arts training) and what he plans to do now that he’s about to become a cog in the very large machine known as